About Us

Our company has entered the sector in 1960 with the manufacturing of shoes; our company has started its activities in the country of early production stages of the formation of the shoes crafsmanship. Many years of experience gained in the manufacture of shoes in the 80s Lamci on its region began to supply shoes materials, since its inception workshops, materials and implements innovations followed up a frm position in the industry as a decisive prestigious address at the same time has been reassuring quality. In 1993 LAMCI AYAKKABI MALZEMELERİ SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. became a registered trademark. Our company collects representatives of industries quality innovative shoe sole brands, as well as, leather, leather, lining, rubber sheet and sells industrial adhesives and textile products for shoes sector. In time, the experience and knowledge gained from begin representative of sole brands, to add value to shoe comfort and aesthetic quality of shoe production, besides providing employment the countrys economy to Lamci started to its investments. Lamci started to produce insole in 2003, imports of machinery EVA insoles sets from abroad. To provide superior service on behalf of the sector completed in 2006 the construction of a closed area of 3000 square meters. Holding the representative of the soles production company, which sells its brands wholesale integrated production machine park has established. The principle of foot health, made several investments to Lamci; insole production plus insoles with steel to provide value to a variety of forms and lamination production techniques. Our ongoing investment projects in the sector with a progressive, dynamic and continues to be a company that makes a difference. Lamci has adopted a prudent approach to the philosophy of continuous improvement.


On the road to the future, the awareness of the importance of knowledge acquired in the past of our products and services, our investments and our employees to contribute to the national economy and the principle of honesty and fairness in all of our stakeholders to contribute to an increase in the growth leader in the industry, the image is high, the organization is reputable and the service of humanity


Add value and improve the health of the foot footwear industry, plus all kinds of products, services and technolo¬gy to supply the appropriate circumstances, a pioneer in activities that will contribute to the development of the sector, corporate values, staying true to the transfer to the next generations of experience.